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As per New Jersey State Law, specifically NJSA 40A:14-70.2, requires that all Fire Districts provide information to the public through a website or webpage. This website or webpage shall be to provide increased public access to the Fire District’s operations and activities.

The Fire District’s rules, regulations and official policy statements deemed relevant by the Commissioners to the interest of the residents within the District.

The Board of Fire Commissioners and the Fire Chief have examined the Fire District’s rules, regulations, and policies and have determined that items that pertain to employee matters and disciplinary matters are of a confidential nature and should not be published here.

Emergency response/operational matters are also confidential information items because of the local and national Homeland Security related topics in which our personnel are active.

The Board is willing to discuss any issues with a member of the public. So if you have a specific question, concern, complaint or suggestion please email the Board Chairman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


Monthly FP public meetings minutes.

2017 Public Meetings Minutes.

2016 Public Meetings Minutes.

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